10 Tips For Better Content Marketing In 2019

10 Tips for Better Content Marketing in 2019

Many of us tend to assert that content is nothing but a congregation of tweets, blogs, etc. which orients itself towards a certain business target.
This is where many of us miss out seeing the broader picture. In this digitalized age, content is a key to your thriving business and having a set marketing strategy keeps you a step ahead.
Here we will discuss 11 tips for improving your content marketing in 2019 strategy.
Engage your audience in your content from the very first word. This goes without saying that the audience and viewers are the gods in your temple of ‘content.’
So, it is essential that your content grabs eyeballs from the first line itself. Having a spontaneous beginning sets the tone to a smooth sailing of the rest of the content with the engaged audience as your passengers aboard.


Tip #1 Set Out For A Right Target Audience

One of the essential content writing strategies, to begin with, is to set out the right consumer of your content.
Before creating your content, vent out your ideal customers, gather the requisite knowledge for creating a buyer persona.


Tip #2 Have The Right Content Type

Now that we have the right picture frame of an ideal audience, its time that we peer into the most important aspect that is ‘Content-type.’
Create your content such that it caters to the need and wants of your audience. You can create different contents like a blog, e-books, video content, webinar, etc.


Tip #3 Content Is Everything

Often we have come across the above phrase “Content is king.” Yes, it is. More often we fail to capitalize on this important aspect, i.e. the content strategy for Content marketing in 2019.
Your content should have the capability to entice your viewers and should be such that it answers whatever the audience requires.
I use SEMrush to find topics and contents which are worth writing about. SEM rush helps to find out the most relevant keywords which you can use on your content strategically for better SEO. 




Tip #4 Engage Your Audience

You need to establish a strong and prospering community devised around your blog. This can be achieved by engaging your audience, and relevant posts need to be nurtured for your audience.
You need to communicate with your readers by replying to their comments actively.
To know more about engaging audience, you can read Why engaging content marketing needs compelling storytelling?


Tip #5 Fuel Your Content Through The Right Channels

While many create very remarkable content, it fails to scratch the surface. It fails in leaving a mark, and we often feel defeated. This is when distributing your content throughout the media comes into play.
In this digitized age it’s not a hard thing to do. We have Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many other social media channels at our disposable.
Though they come at a free cost, it needs our time to come up with a palpable result.


Tip #6 Be Original

The only way to stand out among the recent crop of bloggers and content marketing in 2019 needs is to be original and come up with your own thoughts and ideas.
Looking around you may find blogs, content almost along the same line and wavelength. So, create the best content that cannot be found elsewhere.
I recommend you to read the article How to Manage Flawless and Timely Content.


Tip #7 Be Creative

Content marketing in 2019 requires you to have a fresh mindset and a grave analytical outlook.
You need to update yourself with new ideas and problem-solving skills which must be tangent with the industry you are associated with.
You must also open up to a room of experimentation.


Tip #8 Be Regular


content marketing in 2019

The most important thing in retaining your audience and being regular.
Set-backs often lead us to the path of disinterest which invariably leads to irregularity.
You need to maintain your blog on a regular basis. If you publish one article in a long span of time, it is inevitable that you will lose your audience.
Establish a publishing strategy and stick to it.


Tip # 9 Expand Your Horizons

While your blog should be your essential business chipset, you should not just stick to that itself. Research and range yourself to the various topic and provide relevant information.


Tip # 10 Be Unpretentious

Last but not the least your content should possess one unique trait “simplicity.” Don’t make your content unnecessarily complicated; give your audience what they desire without distracting them or complicating it for them.
Content marketing in 2019 will still be an effective business tool. Go ahead and explore yourself and build a strong brand that your audience can relate themselves with.

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