How To Drive Traffic Using Social Media?

How to Drive Traffic Using Social Media?

About “traffic.”

You can’t just sit back and think that everyone is going to see your blog or content you wrote. You must take initiative and be aggressive in a way if you want to achieve that. People are going to notice your blog, but a minuscule amount of individuals in a very long time span. So, how to drive traffic using social media? Let’s find it out! 

You need to promote yourself and your writings. There are numerous ways for you to do that now that we live in an age of advanced technology and the Internet.

You can try paying some companies like “Google” for example if you want to advertise yourself, but the best way for you to gain an audience is by promoting your content via social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and so on.

This is what we meant by the term “traffic” and here is some advice on how you can increase that “traffic.”

Use that one intriguing one sentence

This is one of the most popular ways for you to tickle someone’s curiosity and make them click on the link you want to get more information about that one sentence you wrote. So, for example, you can say: “They only wanted to cook dinner, but you’ll never guess what happened next!”

You can clearly see what we did there; we just intrigued you, and you’re in a way forced by your curiosity to click on a link and find out more about the information behind this sentence. This is one of the most common ways for you to get someone’s attention and it can be used on every social network.

Another thing you can also include this sentence is the photo, because we can upload and attach a picture to any text in any social network, and one that is most famous for doing just that is Instagram.

Use Questions

There is nothing more efficient for you to get someone’s attention than asking them a question that they’re asking themselves for their whole life. It’s is easy to come up with that type of question, you just have to know your audience or the people you want to attract and that’s it.

Also, if you’re a good and skillful writer, you will be able to write any content and include the answer to those questions. Since there is a saying “We attract what we are” then you can just ask questions that are bothering you for your whole life and by doing so you will attract people that are bothered by the same ones.

So, for example, you can ask “Have you ever been tired of trying to make someone understand something?” and then provide a solution to do that exact thing with ease. Also, you will need to be able to manipulate a vast amount of information and write incredible content if you want to keep that audience which you attracted.

Show Your Personality

The thing is, you need to be likable by most of the people if you want to gain more followers or audience in general. You need to build your personality accordingly and show that same character throughout your writings.

Whatever that may be, it must have that little piece of you included which will distinguish you from other writers. You must be original; people love originality. Don’t lie, at least not too much, be yourself, and make your audience trust you with their attention.

The other side of this, you will see what kind of person you are if you show your personality to the world. You will know what you should change about yourself if you want to become a better person or see what you shouldn’t change.

This is something you must be aware of when you’re looking to build a particular audience that you wish to have, but if you’re looking only for a quantity in the audience, then be the best person in the world (or at least pretend that you are) and show everyone that you’re the best. ]

When people see you as one of the best human beings, that’s when they want to listen to your sincerely and try to understand what you have to say.

To Sum Up

The greatest struggle of a modern writer or blogger is to gain the audience, but the hardest part is the beginning. That’s when you start from scratch, you have nothing, and then you slowly build up.

There will be times when you will get disliked by someone and that person also affects many others and make them hate you just the same, but if you stay strong, you will be able to persevere.

You must not let those bad reviews of your work kill; you need to read them, of course, think about them and try to improve yourself as a writer.

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