How To Create A Free Blog Using Blogspot

How To Create A Free Blog Using Blogspot

Blogs are the Internet’s hidden treasures. They are hidden because people generally don’t visit blogs just to read what the author wants to say.

But overall, blogs can give you insight into things previously unseen. Every blog can have some unique story to tell or a unique product to promote. 

The thing about owning a blog is, you can do whatever you want. After all, you’re promoting an image of yourself – it can be bad, good, factual, or emotional.

But, behind all of that, the most important thing is to know how to create a free blog.

Blogs can also be great sources of income! Many people have dedicated blogs which they update regularly and earn pay through them. This is usually done through advertisement, but there are many different ways to do so.

However, that’s not the topic of our article; our topic is how to create a free blog! In this case, using Blogspot!


What many people feel when making the decision to start a blog is – minimal investment. This is completely normal since you’ve no way of knowing how successful your blog might be. And so, investing anything in it (other than your time) could prove to be detrimental. is one of the best starting free blog websites you can find. Beginner-friendly, enough functions to keep an author busy, and it’s the first step towards owning a fully-fledged and independent blog.

how to create a free blog

WordPress is also another widely used blogging platform but can be a bit too complicated for someone without any blogging, writing, or HTML experience.

Now, the reason why BlogSpot should be used only in the start is that blogging on BlogSpot is very bare-bones. There’s not a lot of flexibility on what type of functionality it contains, no ads, and a commercial blog address (something akin to the format).

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves; after all, this how to create a free blog using BlogSpot guide is oriented towards beginners, so how about we cover the basics of blogging and starting your blogger career with BlogSpot!

How to Start

Before we begin, here’s some insight into what exactly BlogSpot is:

BlogSpot is powered by Google and is, as such, a Google-centric platform for blogging. This means that most of the resources you’ll need will come from Google (for example photos which come directly from Picasa).

The BlogSpot vs. WordPress battle has been raging for some time. WordPress is better if you want more functionality and freedom while also having the chance to make money, but it’s not good for true beginners. BlogSpot is, in this regard, much better than WordPress.

Step #1 – Creating An Account

First up, you’ll need a BlogSpot account. Visit or and login using your personal Google account (if you don’t have it, creation is free!). Now you’ll have a choice of using either a Google Plus profile or a somewhat limited BlogSpot profile. It’s better to go with Google Plus, but in the end, it’s up to you.

free blog by blogger

Once done, simply click the New Blog button and start creating your blog!

Step #2 – The Specifics Of Your Blog

Every blog needs an identity! Start off by thinking of a proper name for the blog. It can be anything you want but try to keep it interesting and relevant. For example, if you’re writing about coffee, make your name ‘tastiest coffee’ or something similar. It needs to be relevant to what your blog will be about, but also catchy!

Second, there needs to be a domain. You can use anything here but again, try to keep it related to what your blog is about. Knowing how to create a free blog is simple but making your blog stand out from the start can be tough.

You can get a free domain, however, to stand out, it is recommended to buy a custom domain that is relevant to your blog content.

There are many domain name providers are available from which you can buy a domain name for your website. I personally use FatCow for my domain and hosting needs. They have reasonable price and good offers for beginners.

Once you decide to go standalone, you’ll be able to change the domain easy but right now, just go with a simple domain!

Finally, select a blog template. There aren’t too many to choose from, but generally, any of them will do!

Step #3 – Even More Specifics!

We’re not done yet! Don’t worry, not a lot of work is left on preparing your first blog so don’t fret; you’re near the finish line!

Head on over to Settings and make a few changes. You’ll want to create an About Me/About page that will detail exactly who you are (just some basic personal info and other relevant info) and what the blog is about.

blog by blogger

You don’t have to make this too detailed because it serves a simple purpose of changing your status from stranger to acquaintance (not literally but your readers will feel closer to you and more invested in reading what you have to say).

You can do this by going to the Pages section and creating the About page there. After that, go over the blog template one more time and finalize your choice.

We recommend not going with the default one because it’s bland, boring, and probably overused (and cliche!). This is also done through the Settings tab (click on Template).

Lastly, you have the option of adding a logo to the header (top part) of your blog. Other features are also available to you but aren’t necessary. Having a logo is because it gives your blog identity!

Final Step – Writing!

That’s basically it for a start! Your blog is alive and kicking. Start writing by adding blog posts and track your progress. After some time passes, you should be able to enable Google AdSense which will earn you money through the blog!

free blog using blogspot

Yes, BlogSpot has this functionality as well, but WordPress is far superior in this regard.

To get some idea on writing for your new Blogspot website, read our article Tips to Develop A Killer Content Strategy – Updated 2019!

That’s about it for a beginners guide on how to create a free blog! Using any of the free blogging websites is good, but BlogSpot is the best for absolute newcomers.

Play around with the functions for your blog as well but slowly; you don’t want to change something you weren’t supposed to!


Sourav Paul is a Blogger, Marketer, Entrepreneur and the owner of the blogs and Being a certified SEO, Content Marketer, and Inbound Marketer, he works for many organizations and clients and created many valuable and well-appreciated contents over the years.

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