Follow These Social Media Marketing Trends To Excel In 2020

Follow these Social Media Marketing trends to excel in 2020

The Internet is a place where people discover many unknown facts and social media helps to give a solution to people’s creativity and curiosity.


Here people from all over the world find a solution to their problems. Since the internet has come to the grasp of our fingertips, social media is changing the game of advertisement and marketing.

As a business owner, you must have to jump into this platform to make the best out of it to keep yourself in the race of competition, and why not? Before 20 years did you even imagine reaching to millions of people that easily how you can do it now?

The trends for social media marketing are getting better and more efficient day by day, and you must keep yourself updated to overshadow your competitors. Find out what are the social media marketing trends that you must follow in 2020.

Chatbots to fast pace the conversation with your customers

Mark Zuckerberg announced in 2016 that third parties could use chatbots to automate and simulate an intelligent conversation with the customers without taking the help of a staff, which saves a lot of time and saves a lot of bucks.

Chatbots help you to automate the task and to retrieve data. This is gaining a lot of popularity in recent years and should be a must-have tool to improve your Social Media marketing in 2017.


This may seem to be an old tip, but mostly, personalization of digital content is often overlooked by the advertisers. People now have unlimited resources, and that is why you should personalize your digital content to attract others and to let them remember your content.

A small sales pitch or a press release is often getting lost in the crowd of millions of contents. Make them different using various tools to stand tall in the crowd. Think out of box and people will love your content.

Use influencers to “shoutout” your brand

Celebrities are very active in social media, and they often share many brands or products which they like. If you are following any influencers on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., then you can easily understand the advantages of being shared by them.

People love to follow celebrities and their lifestyle and thus they get attached to the brands very easily which are used or shared by their favorite celebrities. If you can work with the right influencer to shoutout your brand, then it can do a wonder to your social media marketing and your business.

Visual presentations

People get engaged in a video more than they get engaged to a piece of written content. A video storyline about your product and services can easily attract probable customers. However, it is paramount to create a storyline that delivers valuable information to the viewers.

Snapchat as social media marketing trends

It is a tool that is going to stay here for many years and it is high time to integrate this tool into your social media marketing strategy. Recently Snapchat has beaten Facebook in total video views, and this is enough to inspire you to try this tool for branding your business.

Mobile friendly contents

Well, this is a common term in social media marketing for the last few years, but it is still a very important factor. If your content is not getting fit in a mobile device, you are probably losing thousands of customers. Making your content mobile-friendly is a must, and it should get priority when it comes to digital marketing.

Content writing, distribution, and promotion

Content creation is still perhaps the most important factor in digital marketing. It requires a lot of hard work and proper planning and strategy. Many digital marketers avoid the importance of good content, and this doesn’t help them to get noticed in this digital world. People demand regular content with valuable information, and as a marketer, you must be able to fulfill their demands.

Only writing content is not enough. It’s just a start! The next most important thing is to distribute your content to the right audience. Promote your content to reach a larger audience.

Facebook, Twitter, and all other social media platforms and continuously developing their platforms for digital marketing and content promotion and you must be able to take the advantages of these tools (mostly paid when it comes to marketing!).

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence or robots are changing the game in social media. Some uses of artificial intelligence that can be utilized for the social media marketing and development of your business are; newsfeed algorithms, Facebook’s suggestions, LinkedIn’s AI to find a better match between business and candidate, Pinterest’s artificial intelligence to image recognition and search.

These are some useful tools that you should keep in mind for social media marketing in the year 2020 and expect more to come in the near future as the technology is at a never stopping pace.

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