Create Engaging Content Using Artificial Chicken Hatching Technique!

Create Engaging Content Using Artificial Chicken Hatching Technique!

Creating original, engaging, informative and entertaining content is always a challenge.

The internet is full of contents and to come up with new ideas and then to structure the content and publish them with a proper strategy is a tedious task.

So, how do we create engaging content?

Now, to do this successfully, we need new techniques and process to brainstorm the ideas and properly structure a piece of content that creates value.

Here comes the concept of chicken hatching. We all have heard the word hatching but did we ever thought how the technique could blend to our content creation framework?

An artificial chicken hatching is performed in a few different steps. Collecting the fertile eggs, fumigation of the eggs, setting the eggs in the setter for 18 days and then resting the eggs inside a hatcher for another 3 days, and finally, we see our cute little chicks breaking the egg shells and raising their heads to claim their throne in the world.

This entire process can be replicated to our content generation process. Read the steps below.

Content Hatching Technique

Collecting the Fertile Eggs = Brainstorming the Topic Ideas

Our initial ideas are like fertile eggs! We need to hatch those eggs to get chicken.

Here, for our content creation, we need to brainstorm different ideas which we can later give a shape of well-structured content.

How do we brainstorm the ideas?

Well, there are many ways to do so. Google is the first place to start the research for content ideas on your niche.

For example, if we want to search for some topics on “Content Writing Tips,” we can google this keyword and get to know which topics are ranking on Google.

content idea

Now, the search results are just a starting point. You should not write or rewrite the content you found in search results. You should think of writing something better and updated.

create engaging content

The SERPS are not only your topic ideas to create engaging content. Go at the bottom of the page and see the section where Google suggests you some search terms related to your query.

content idea

You can take those search terms as your topic ideas and also these work great as long-tail keywords.

Quora and Reddit are also very good platforms to find the trending topics on your niche.

You can use tools like Answer The Public to generate content ideas based on your targeted keyword.

Now, when we talk about long tail keywords, we can also use KWfinder tools by Mangools to find great relevant long tail keywords with all the additional details such as keyword difficulties, SERP results, etc.

Placing of Fertile Eggs in the Setter = Setting up the Content Based on the Topic Idea

Once the farmers have the fertile eggs, the put it on the setter machine for 18 days to let the machine provide the egg with all kinds of movements and environmental comfort which is needed for an egg to hatch.

In our case, now, you have your topic in your head to create engaging content. Now, you have to do solid research on the topic and come up with a strategy on how to structure the topic.

Create a content outline to create engaging content.

Think what your main headings can be.

Think about what your sub-headings can be.

Think what kind of images of infographics you should add to make this content easily digestible to your readers.

Think about what your keywords should be. However, do not revolve your content around your keyword which makes the content monotonous and sounds dull.

These are the basics and the pillars of any content. Go through your content structure several times and think of any changes that can make the content more interesting.

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Transferring the Eggs from Setter to Hatcher = Transferring Your Content Topic and The Outline to An Engaging Piece of Content

After 18 days, the eggs are transferred to hatcher machine from the setter and kept there for 3 days. On the 21st day, the chicks start to come out of the eggs, and that is the end of the hatching process.

Similarly, after many hours or days of research, you have the topic ideas, you have the content outline, content structure, and keywords.

Now, you should start writing your content.

After you finish writing, give it a good read multiple times to find any errors. You still have the chance to modify and improve the content before you finally click on the publish button.

Once, you are done with writing, proofreading, and editing, you are ready to hatch your content, that is publishing your content.

Now, as farmers are the targeted audience of the chicks, they go to the farmers, and the farmers raise them to a big and healthy chicken.

Similarly, after publishing, you need to use all the resources for marketing your content to let your target audience get to know and read your content.

If you follow the mentioned three steps, you can always develop and create engaging content and informative content.


Sourav Paul is a Blogger, Marketer, Entrepreneur and the owner of the blogs and Being a certified SEO, Content Marketer, and Inbound Marketer, he works for many organizations and clients and created many valuable and well-appreciated contents over the years.

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