Why Do You Need Content Marketing For Your Freelance Business?

Why Do You Need Content Marketing For Your Freelance Business?

I am a freelancer myself, and I am still trying to find all the best possible ways to get to the top in the niche where my expertise are. Freelance business is fun, however, it requires a lot of dedication and motivation.


I must say that freelancing is a business and if done properly, your freelancing career can become a Million Dollar business setup for you.

I believe, whoever is working remotely, whether it is blogging, photography, consulting, SEO services, etc. all are doing freelancing one way or another.

I read success stories, and their strategies how they make to the top and I must say, all of them have extraordinary marketing skills and knowledge on their subject matter.

They work hard, keep learning and sharing their knowledge, and most importantly they brand themselves perfectly.

In this regard, the few names that come to my mind instantly are Mr. Neil Patel, the founder of QuickSprout, Neil Patel Blog, KISSmatrics and the New York Times bestselling author

neil patel ubersuggest

and Mr. Brian Dean, the most sought after SEO expert and the founder of Backlinko.

rankings for keyword

They are not only the experts in their fields, but they are the best teachers to teach you about content marketing, SEO, Link Building and gaining traffic.

Now, let’s come to the point why as a freelancer you need to learn content marketing and SEO? Well, the internet is the platform where you showcase your skills, and you need to be on the top of the SERPs (Search Rankings for keywords) to attract people to be successful in your freelance business. 

And how we do it? Of course, SEO. SEO stands for search engine optimization, and it is the key element that can make you a star. But, it never happens overnight.

This article is not a piece of advice or a how-to article. In this article, I am sharing the things that I am learning from experts and how I feel this can take newbies to a whole different level.

During the early stages of my freelance career, I did not bother to create my website to showcase my skills and talents. But, once I started following the industry experts on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and other social media platforms, I found that to improve the presence as a freelance service provider, I must have a website.

iamcontenting website

Then I realized that only having a website is not good enough if I can’t rank it higher and if people can’t find me when they search for the services I offer.

So, I started learning all the tricks for improving the SEO of my website, and I must tell you, it is a long process and I am nowhere near to the top till now.

Now, let me come to the point. Why do freelancers need to have some knowledge of content marketing to skyrocket their career?

freelance business

Your Website Is Your Portfolio

Most of the freelancers skip this step. Remember, your website and your blog is your portfolio. You talk about your previous works and encourage your potential future clients to buy your services with confidence.

Using content marketing, you can take your website and blog to a broader audience.

Better SEO will rank you better, and you when your customers search for the services relate to your niche, and they find your name or your website name on the top of the search result, bang, you have doubled your chances to crack the deal.

Targeted Audience for Freelance Business

When you are a professional service provider (or, you run a freelance business), you do not want random people coming to your website, and then they leave. You want an audience that needs your services, or they have a similar liking or they have interest in what you do. To do so, you need content marketing, SEO, and targeted advertisement.

Rankings for keyword is very important in this regard. 

Rankings for keyword need a lot of research and analysis and to do that, you can use some cool tools like uber suggest, SEMrush, Mangools, etc.

SEO for website

When people start liking your contents, they start sharing that to like-minded people and this way your name gets exposure.

Google likes targeted and relevant traffic and once you improve your traffic quality, you more likely to get a higher ranking on Google.

Social Presence

Social media is a must-have tool to expand your freelancing business. You should never neglect this tool! Get social, find the influencers in your niche, follow the like-minded people, share your contents, give solutions, provide valuable comments, etc.

social media marketing for website

But, you also want your website content to get socially viral and to do so, you need socially shareable contents.

Create contents that provide solutions and which are not boring.

Once people start liking your contents, they will start following you and will recommend you to others. In the long run, they can be your potential clients!

Content marketing, SEO and Freelancing go side by side and as a freelance business owner, you must be equipped with all the tools that are necessary to shoot you to the top.

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