Top 5 Laptops under 20000 Rupees in India

As our lives become more and more technology dependent every day, laptops have become highly important to us. They are easy to be carried around, and you can easily use them anywhere at any time something that the desktops fail to offer.
However, most of the people think that they need to have a heavy budget to buy a good laptop. Luckily, it is a myth. You do not need a huge budget to buy a laptop. You can buy a good laptop under Rs 20,000 too. But the only criterion is that you need to understand which laptops to look out for. That is why; we have compiled a list of best laptops under Rs 20,000 in India for you to check out. Here you go:

Asus EeeBook Atom: Price 15,000With an 11.6 inch screen, the Asus EeeBook Atom is one of the top contenders in the list of best notebooks under Rs 20,000. It comes with a backlit LED display, 2 GB RAM, and 32 GB internal storage. Furthermore, it is powered by an Intel Atom 1.33GHz Quad Core processor and runs on Windows 10. Though it is not suitable for heavy works, it can be a perfect piece of hardware for official purposes.
Acer One 14: Price Rs 18,990Acer is a popular name among the laptop users. The Acer 14 laptop comes with a 14-inch screen 4GB RAM and 500GB SATA Hard disk. And of course, you are getting it all under Rs 20,000 price. It runs on an Intel Pentium N3700 2.4GHz Quad Core processor and has a 1366×768 pixel FULL-HD display. Moreover, it has DOS operating system which means you will be able to install any operating system in it as per your wish.
Asus X Pentium Quad Core: Rs 19,500Asus has always been the finest manufacturer of budget laptops, and the Asus X Pentium Quad Core laptop is a testament to that. As the name suggests, the laptop uses an Intel Pentium Quad core N3700 2.4GHz processor to power it up. It comes with a 15.6-inch screen and offers full HD quality screen resolution. The laptop also uses a 2GB DDR3 RAM along with a 500GB SATA Hard disk to run all its functionalities. When all of these features are combined with a price below Rs 20,000; it creates wonders for people.
Asus Celeron Dual Core 5th Gen: Rs 18,799It seems like Asus manufactures the best budget laptops. The Asus Celeron Dual Core 5th generation is another master piece from the company. This laptop has the most extraordinary features that you can hope to get in a laptop in this price range. With 2GB RAM, 500GB Hard disk, a dual core 5th generation processor, original 64-bit Windows 10 OS and a 500 GB hard, this is one of the best ones that you can buy.
HP Imprint APU Dual Core E2: Rs 19,990A list of best laptops is never complete without including the name of HP laptop. And what better laptop can be there other than this one right here? HP Imprint APU Dual Core E2 runs on AMD APU Dual Core processor, and it is the only AMD powered laptop in our list. It also comes with a 4GB DDR4 RAM, 500 GB SATA Hard disk, DOS operating system and 15.6-inch display. How’s that for a bonanza?
Laptops under Rs 20,000 are often considered to be a bad joke. But it is not. You can easily buy a laptop under 20,000 if you know what to expect. So, check out the ones we have listed above; choose the one that caters to all your requirements and closes the deal.

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