Ways to create buzz for your next blog post before it goes live

You have invested a lot of time creating your blog, and finally, your blog is ready to launch. Now, it is time for an online marketing campaign and attract more and more visitors and for that, you have updated all your social networking sites in order to connect with people. And then what, you find zero visitors in your blog. The reason behind this is, you started campaigning very late for your blog. Though you have created an engaging and quality blog, it is also very important to create buzz about your blog well advance before writing it.
Below are some process to create buzz for your blog post before it goes live.
Connect with Influencers
Engage with influencers at the early stage. Influencers are the key to success for every blogger. You need to connect with other bloggers. Every influencer has a huge audience. If you can pick the right influencers, it will multiply the traffic in your blog. You can also contact with Reddit users, send personal emails and ask their permission whether it is okay to follow up with them. So that when your blog is ready you can promote it on Reddit.
Utilize your Weak Ties efficiently
Weak Ties are the friends on the social network, those friends with whom you may not even speak with once a year. These friends may not be worthy of you, but they can play a bigger role in promoting your blog. If you share your content or article with those friends, they will share it with their friends. In this process, the number of readers of your article will be increased.
Use the Content Roadshow Technique
The ‘Content Roadshow’ technique is very useful tool for promoting blog even before writing it. This technique was developed as a means to generate backlinks for any content. You may be wondering what exactly is the technique and how it works? Its’ a simple way to looking for leading authors related to your blog and engage with those authors individually in order to promote your blog. After all, these authors are well- versed people in this field, and if you can engage with them, it will be favourable for your blog.
In this technique, finding the right keywords is crucial. You just need to Google some keywords relevant to your blog and look for other bloggers. Then you need to send an email regarding whether they are interested in checking your content. If they agree, then send them your content and get their feedback. Then they will share it with their audience.
Host a Twitter chat
These days’ social networking sites are becoming a useful tool for the promotion of blog or website. It would be great for your blog if you can manage to build up a good audience by using social media. Start chatting with your readers, give them some hints about your upcoming blog, and share ideas with them. In this process, you will be able to create an excitement over your blog.

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