Ingredients in creating good content

Writing has no specific formula, and that’s the beauty of it; you can be diverse and flexible on what you can write about as long as it follows the basic rules of grammar and syntax. However, writing good content that will produce a better output needs to have certain ingredients that will make it more appealing.

Good content should entice a reader or the audience to scroll down and crave for more. An effective article must be relatable to the readers, especially the target audience. Writing a good content for an article must have the essence of the topic, and it should serve as the heart of the whole article. Redundancy must be avoided because it can make the reader feel like they are just going on a round direction rather than a straight, chronological one. A wide vocabulary will help a lot, but not to the extent that the audience will have a hard time understanding it. Highfalutin words and complicated jargons should be avoided, unless otherwise necessary to give accuracy to the thought in a sentence. If you are writing for online content, it is important that you get straight to the point and don’t make it too long because the web is such a fast paced world that people would not bother reading the entire article if it will not catch their attention. This is also a reason why the title and the first sentence should catch attention.  

For content to be considered effective, it must also have a flow that is put together in such a way that the reader will be thrilled from start to finish. The same principle used in writing novels, there should be an introduction that will give the audience an idea of the story without spoiling it by giving just enough information that will arouse their interest to the topic and would make them want to finish it. This will be followed with a build-up that will lead them something to look forward to until they get to the climax wherein they will read the highlight and the most intense part of the story. Lastly, an ending that will wrap things up just like a resolution in a story. The ending is as crucial as the introduction. If the intro opens their interest to the topic or subject, the ending should give them the satisfaction and the best thought or idea that will sum everything up. It is important the audience will read the best line at the end because it is the last thing that they will remember. 

Though writing is still a freestyle thing that can still be innovated and improved in the future, these elements should be remembered because it is something that will serve as a foundation in writing. An article is only as good as its content. It is important to have the basic principle that will guide you in everything that your write about regardless of the topic and subject matter.

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