10 Killer Content Writing Tips To For High DA Publishing – Updated 2019

10 Killer Content Writing Tips to for High DA Publishing – Updated 2019

Content writing and publishing on high DA websites can be challenging. Just writing isn’t enough to get approved by these websites. First of all, you need to pitch to a website that is relevant to your product or blog. Below we will discuss ten Killer Content Writing Tips to for High DA Publishing.
You have to fill your article with information using proper grammar.
You have to format your article in a way that makes it clear and easy to understand for the readers of the website.
You have to do research and use the results of your research on improving your article to increase your chances of being approved.
You also can have your own website where you can publish some quality articles to showcase your authority on a particular subject matter.
These content writing tips tell you what to do and what not to do.
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Make your content informative.
High DA websites want readers and what draws readers is adequate amounts of information. If you are going to write for a high DA website, write something that draws people through information.
Observe the comments of the readers of the website on some of the posts on the website and identify their problems and needs.
Offer a solution to one of these problems. Provide tips on solving the problem, tips the readers can try in their daily lives as soon as possible. If they need content writing advice, write content writing tips.
Make your content useful to the readers.

Research Your Target

Research the website you are writing for. Read their most recent blog posts to know their topics. Observe which style their blog posts are written.
Try to understand the tone that they use. Find out if the topics you have in mind are already covered by their blog posts. Know the niche of the website.

Most importantly, read the guidelines of the website for contributors. Do they require you to add your own image? Do they want you to link to one of their blog posts?
Different websites have different preferences when it comes to what they ask of their contributors, so research the website you are writing thoroughly.

Format Neatly

Once you have finished writing an article, it’s time to check its format and organize it accordingly. A well-formatted article looks professional.
It is also viewer-friendly. Have you ever read an article that was formatted badly? It can make you dizzy, and it gives you a negative impression of whoever created the article.

Also, as a high authority website, the website you are writing for will not approve your article if it is badly formatted. So format your article carefully and properly. If you write tips like content writing tips, divide the tips into bullet points to make the article clearer.

Don’t Forget Grammar

All of the other tips here will be useless if you do not use correct grammar in your article. You are free to write anything you want on the first draft of your article, but you must edit it repeatedly afterward to check for grammar mistakes.
Make sure you use the correct prepositions, place the commas wherever they are needed, and implement the correct tenses.
You do not have to go back to elementary to refresh your memory of your English grammar lessons to write a good article.
There are free apps online that can proofread your article. Or, you can hire a professional editor who can help you to brush your content before you send them for publication. Just make sure you use correct grammar.

Add Images

Add one or more images to your article. Analytics prove that people on the internet read articles that have images more than they read articles that contain only text.
Add images to your articles. You can use your own images, buy images from another photographer, or download free images from websites that offer free images like Pixabay.
Always give credit to the original source of the images (even when the photographer is you) to avoid copyright problems.
Even if your article is only about content writing tips, you can take a picture of your notebook and use it.

Add Videos

Add videos if you can. Sometimes, readers want more than images. People will want more information on some topics, especially if those topics are tutorials for fixing a technological device or a visit to a tourist destination.

You can create your own videos, or you can give a link to an online video.
If the website allows it, you can upload your video. If not, you can upload your video to your YouTube or Vimeo account and add a link to it.
You can also use the “embed” option to allow the readers to watch the video in your article.

Use SEO Moderately

Don’t use too many keywords in your article for SEO. A few keywords will be enough. Evenly distribute your few keywords throughout the article and don’t make them obvious.
To ensure this, choose a website and a topic that is similar to your keywords.

Even if your keywords, the website you are writing for, and your topic match, do not overdo your keywords. Articles that keep repeating the same thing are annoying, and they make the creator of the article seem psychopathic.

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Remove Opinions

Before submitting your article, make sure you didn’t write an opinionated article. Opinions can make an article look unprofessional, and opinions have an uncanny way of exposing the writer’s lack of knowledge about the topic being discussed.
Opinions can also unwittingly reveal the bad personality traits of the writer.
So, watch out about expressing your opinions on your article. Unless the website you are writing for encourages it, remove all opinions from your article and keep only the statements that have a formal basis.
Content writing can be extremely challenging when you are trying to guest post on a high DA website. Fortunately, there are experts who know the ultimate tricks to get your submission approved.
You have to make your article loaded with information, but don’t write any personal opinion.
Watch your grammar, but your article will still be not attractive enough if you forget to add good visuals.
Last but not least, read all the submission guidelines to make sure you have covered all the requirements to publish on that particular website. Well, content writing is easy with these tricks.

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