5 Writings Tips For A Professional Content Marketer

5 Writings Tips For A Professional Content Marketer

It is 2019! More and more businesses are adopting content marketing to enhance their overall marketing efforts. In this process, creating quality content has become the key factor. Google likes fresh and valuable content and they rank accordingly. Here in this article, we are talking about 5 writing tips for a professional content marketer to create quality contents.

1. Reduce the use of the first-person narrative

As a content creator writes their stories, they will naturally be inclined to use first-person narratives. Changing natural writing tendencies to well trained, professional writing habits is part of the process of becoming a successful writer. First-person narratives have been shown to provide a negative effect on the attractiveness of content provided by professional content marketers.

2. Reduce the use of qualifiers and intensifiers

The use of intensifiers often leads to creating content that is wordy. An example of this is making a statement that says “it is very cold outside” as opposed to saying “it is freezing outside.” A simplistic way of thinking about this tip is that using one word to describe something is better than using two words that have the same meaning. Professional content marketer and writers avoid bloating their content with intensifiers as it often has the opposite of the desired result of the content.

3. Check grammar

This tip is obviously but is also easily overlooked. A professional writer will double check their content for proper grammar be reviewing their content a second time, using grammar software and having a third party review their content before publishing. There are software programs such as Grammarly that make grammar checking efficient for short or long pieces of content for a relatively low cost.

4. Understand your audience

An important part of content marketing is understanding your audience. Writing for an IT magazine will be different than writing for a romance website. The IT magazine audience might be looking for technical specifications mixed in with descriptions of new products while a romance magazine might be looking for stories that take the audience on an emotional journey of experiences. Content writers have different styles of writing they can use. Take some time to research the demographics of the audience and the styles of content they are accustomed to. Tailoring the content to the audience will increase the results of your marketing efforts.

5. Use many forms of media

A professional content marketer is not limited to writing and posting articles. Creating content in the written form and then publishing it in video and audio form will get more attention. An example of marketing your content in various media forms is creating 30 pages of written content than producing a 5-minute podcast and a 3-minute video from the same content.

An added benefit of using multiple forms of media is the ability to track the results of your marketing efforts with tools like Google Analytics. Content writers will find that some articles will do well in one format and not as well in another or that their different formats complement each other. With our fast-paced lifestyle, people take in content all forms and might read while at home and then listen to a podcast on the way to work the next day. Using all available forms of media at your disposal increases your potential audience.


Sourav Paul is a Blogger, Marketer, Entrepreneur and the owner of the blogs Iamcontenting.com and Businesstale.pl. Being a certified SEO, Content Marketer, and Inbound Marketer, he works for many organizations and clients and created many valuable and well-appreciated contents over the years.

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