5 SEO tips before you hit publish

SEO practices are a strong foundation on which popular social media sites thrive. Blogs are not difficult for people to build, but to build a blog that will enjoy massive traffic and will not die out easily is an issue.
To produce a successful blog demands more than mere good writing skills. However, a good writing skill is a factor in producing good contents. Nevertheless, to get traffic or people flocking your site need more than good writing abilities. If your desire is for people flocking your website, weeks, even months after you publish, then Search engine optimization is a tool you need to embrace, to keep your posts relevant months after you publish.
You may need to consider just five SEO tips that will enhance your post, just make use of them before hitting the pushing button.

Use Users oriented keywords
Keywords help search engine to find a relevant website for each search query. It is important to put these words in your writing so that search engines can rank you high on their research query. It is a good practice to think about your potential readers, which will help you to know what they want to search. Using words that are not popular among internet users may kill your job even if it is good content.
Avoid excessive tags
Some writers do erroneously think that having many tags in a single blog, the post will make their jobs rise high, but on the contrary, this may work in negative against the writer. Using same words, with different variations in a post can result in getting the hammer from search engines for duplicate content.
Ensure your Images are SEO oriented
Search engines cannot see images, but there is a way you can make your images to rank well in a Google search. Before you upload your image to your site, make sure that you rename it to describe what is in the image. The truth is, search engines look at ALT TEXT that are in images and figure out what they indicate. If you describe the image using the ALT TEXT, it will help it to rank high on search queries.
Make sure you link to your posts
This is called internal linking by SEO specialists and is a way to direct readers from one page to another on your website. Internal linking has three significant benefits which are: it helps in the navigation of the site, it explains the architecture of a website and it spreads the ranking strength through the whole internet site.
Turn out quality shareable contents
If you do not produce high-quality contents that people want to read, these entire SEO strategies will amount to a waste of effort. People will be going to your site because they want to hear what you have to say. Create contents that are readable and add value to readers that those Google will see worthy of the search.
SEO is a good tool to get traffic to your site since you are not writing for yourself alone to read.
Well, an optimized website will attract many people to get to see your posts, but you need to produce high-quality contents so that people will have cause to come back again.

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