10 cool content writing examples and tips

Content writing is becoming a famous business globally, and there are many individuals found to be interested in making this field as their ongoing career. People who are not aware of the rules and techniques about the content writing might take this job easy, but only the professionals know how tricky is writing content, but it doesn’t mean that content writing or writing cool content is impossible.
There are many people in this market, who have started from the bottom in this field, and now they are known to be successful. It is not like that these people never faced any content challenges, but they have overcome their mistakes related to the content and have learned from them. There are some tips to which the focus of the content writer is necessary, so if you are trying to write some cool content, then here the best 10 content writing tips that you must follow.
Text Transformation
This is the first tip for writing any cool content. The text transformation is a vital thing to remember while writing any kind of content. It helps in generating more audience to the content, as the picking of the wordings or the sentences gains the attention of the reader and make him stay to the content.
For example “I am blind. Please help”. So the text transformation for this sentence could be “The day is beautiful, but I cannot see”. As you can see the text transformation has produced compassion from the listener to the speaker and, therefore, the second sentence is more attention gaining. Similarly, a writer must use the text transformation in the content to make it more interesting and catchy.

Selection of the Topic for content writing
If you are willing to write content, then make sure you select a wise topic to write on. The selection of the topic also depends on the writer’s general interest and he may write accordingly, but it is important to realise that the content that has been written is also in demand, so that there are more chances of getting the audience. For example, a content written for a local commodity might have fewer readers or audience as compared to the content written for an international product. So think out of the box.

Write To-The-Point
Some content writers focus more on the fillers to fill the required word count, and this is why that content has fewer readers or audience because the reader is not able to find the information he is looking for, and he loses his interest in reading that content. So make sure you use less filler and write to the point.
“Wanna Write Cool” Avoid Seriousness
To grab the attention of the readers and audience you have to deliver the writing in such a way, which can be understandable by every person of every age. Humour is an important tip here, as a writer you can take advantage of it, but make sure you don’t hurt someone with your words.
Show How Smart You Are
While writing a cool content, it is important that you understand the length and tone of the material you are about to deliver to the audience. For example, a rude tone content may found to be decreased in its popularity as compared to the content written in a pleasant and friendly tone. So, think smart, but also remember that there is a fine line between being smart and over smart, so know your limits.
Understand the Mind of your Audience
To become a successful content writer or to write a cool content, it is paramount that you understand the behaviour and the wants of your audience and try your best to deliver the work accordingly. For example, if the audience likes your previous content about motorbikes, then make sure you make your future content according to their taste and do not switch the path, or you might lose some of your audience.

Provide the Necessary Information
For example, if you are writing content for a mobile phone, then make sure you add all the necessary details and information about that phone, which is necessary for the knowledge of the audience.
Use Proper Words and Sentences
While writing content, make sure you use proper words and sentences, which are making sense. It helps in creating a flow and makes the reader stay on your content.
Use Proper Grammar
The correct use of grammar is an important part of content writing because it helps in making a proper structure of the sentence and also, the grammar helps in understanding the moment of the event.
Don’t Stop Learning
Many content writers, after getting success, focus more on their work, and they avoid learning from the other contents. It is important to stay in touch with the contents being written and produced in the world because it will help you to stay up-to-date and you will be able to learn more about the demand of the audience and will come up with better content writing ideas.

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