5 Best Content Writing Practices For 2019! Updated!

5 Best Content Writing Practices for 2019! Updated!

Penning down your own thoughts is always fabulous and motivating. But, the feeling does get better when you can earn your living from your writings. A recent study says, on average, people read 242 contents in a month.

So, content writing has an enormous targeted market and a lot of opportunities. Though there is various form of writing, writing web contents is most popular due to high customer demand & earning rates. However, specific practice is required which will nourish skill & knowledge. Here are some of the best Content writing practices to crack the deal –

Make a Robust Plan!

Before starting the actual content writing, planning is the most important phase. A content writing expert should always be aware of the concept of content marketing, keywords planning, and target audiences. Then, the selection of topic and topic headline plays a vital rule.

The topic keyword should be selected in a way that it can be easily found during the web search. Also, if you are paragraphing something for a website, you need to understand the detail requirement & expectation of the stockholder.

Exploded Research

Before you start writing, do some research on the related topic. During your research, try to pull out accurate data for your topic.

Find the best keywords for your content here. 

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Make bookmark & highlight keywords from your study. These bullet points will definitely help at the time of curating and crafting the piece of content. Try to include statistics, research data, graphical analysis, etc., to add some spice to your article.

Write the Script

First thing first! Try to find a catchy and attractive title for your article. It is recommended to come up with 5 to 10 different titles and then choose the best one. Your title must reflect what information it is going to highlight in this article.

Do not try to make sentence sequencing at the same time. In this step, your research keywords will support you like a weapon. Focus on your thoughts and write down your own thinking.

The most important thing is not to use the Bill Gates powerful “copy-paste” tool. At the same time, it is not recommended to think totally out of the box. Try to engrave your thoughts with simple words which are easily digestible by the audience.

Parallelly, your writing should have an interesting point of view which will bind your readers to read till the end. More time the readers spend reading your content piece, better the outcome of your contents.

Eagle’s Eye

Review your draft with a fresh mind & make the necessary changes in the sentence structure. A successful content writer develops this habit to find out the pros & cons of the content like a critic. For further polishing, some online sites for the grammar & spelling check like Grammarcheck, Grammarly, etc. are available. Check your content on these sites and rectify.

Competency Improvement

Today’s work life always reminds us of Darwin’s “Survival of fittest” concept. Content writers are not an exception to it. So, you need to always push yourself to write something better, fresher and more relevant to your targeted audience.

Reading some improvised content like Wikipedia, newspaper, magazine, books, etc. are one of the best options to enhance advance writing skill.

Continuous improvement of your skills is another key factor to survive in this competitive market as a writer. We have some recommended courses for you to take to improve your writing skills. 

These are some of the best content writing practices in 2019 that you should adopt if you are planning to start your career in blogging. 

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