Writing Mistakes That Most Content Writers Overlook

Writing Mistakes That Most Content Writers Overlook

Why Do Most of the Mistakes Happen?

The fact that you must have an excellent knowledge of the language you’re using to express your thoughts is where the problems begin to surface. You may have the greatest command over that language, and even then, you will be making writing mistakes.

In the case of content marketing, it is critical to have excellent command over the niche you are writing on. Here are some examples of what types of mistakes writers most commonly make.



This is one of the most common writing mistakes when it comes to writing. Writers tend to repeat themselves over and over throughout their content when they have no idea of what they should write, and how to meet the desired number of words.

Another reason is when an employer asks you to write something and sets you up with a 1000 or 1500 word article or essay, and you don’t have enough information about the topic, then you have to do something to reach that word count. That is also when a writer starts repeating themselves.

Empty Adverbs

This is yet another way of just filling the blanks when your sentence seems simple and poor. These are the adverbs you should try and avoid as much as you can: 

•    Totally
•    Absolutely
•    Actually
•    Literally
•    Really
•    Incredibly
•    Ironically
•    Constantly
•    Continually
•    Unfortunately
•    Finally

Their primary role in a sentence should be to express and promise emphasis, but most of the time, they do exactly opposite of that. Also, some of the writers tend to use these adverbs to look like they’re educated and to impress everyone who reads their texts. 


Some of the writers never seem to stop when they start using adjectives. Therefore, we can easily come across a sentence like this: “Her wonderful, sparkling, sea blue, clear, beautiful and dashing eyes, gazed upon his face.” and you don’t want to read this kind of content, that’s for sure.

There is also another type of listing when some of the writers want to describe fully what that person or character is doing at the moment, but they never seem to stop.

They go on and on with the describing, and thus when you read those kinds of sentences, you forget what the text is really about.

Don’t just tell, show

You can divide writers into two different types, those who tell us what is happening and how, and those who can describe in detail and skillfully. You should consider focusing on showing your audience what is going on instead of just telling them what’s about to happen. Rather than saying, “She looks beautiful!” do it like this “She was moving gracefully throughout the room in which she seized everyone’s attention.”


Last but not least, you need to know how and where to use commas. Here is an example of a sentence where you will see why you must use commas correctly.

•    Let’s eat grandma.

•    Let’s eat, grandma.

Do you get the idea? In the first sentence, you can easily misunderstand the meaning of that sentence for a morbid one, and think that someone is about to eat their grandma, but in the other one where the comma is used correctly, you get the right picture. 

So, these are some common mistakes that many writers make. Avoiding these writing mistakes can improve the quality of content to a great extent. As we always say, practice makes a man perfect. 

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