How to influence your readers using seductive headlines​

Influencing someone is very tricky, especially when you are trying to influence thousands of strangers that too through your writing. If you are a blogger, you seek to aim the audience from different countries, and you want to gain their trust and want them to follow your blog on a regular basis, but it is not very easy. People don’t know you, hardly someone will try to know who you are, they will probably not even read your name, they are only going to see what you are writing and what they are getting out of your writing. 

So, it is entirely a blogger’s job and aim to engage the readers and build a trust factor so that they will come to your blog again and again. The Internet has made information readily available to everyone and thus people are looking for new and exciting information constantly. So, how can you influence your readers? We are going to discuss some of the tips right here!

How to create magnetic contents

Your audiences are getting thousands of marketing messages every day. Then, how can your content get noticed by the readers? How can you stand tall and say that your content is the best, and all should come to you? Well, there are few formulas to create magnetic contents, and if followed you will be able to drive people towards your content. But, the most important part is the headline and in this article we are going to discuss some killer tips to create seductive headlines for your content. 

Seductive headlines

The first and foremost thing that attracts viewers is the headline of your content. It should aim your audience’s self-interest or otherwise it will vanish in dark. To create seductive headlines you should follow the tips given below: 

•    Use simple language: Use easy-to-understand tone for the headline. Playing mind-games with your readers may backfire you. The headline doesn’t need to contain all the overwhelming information.

•    Ignore blind headlines: As we said earlier, you are not supposed to play a mind game with your reader and thus don’t use blind headlines. Your reader must have a clear idea what they are going to get from the blog. If they don’t find it relevant, they are going to go away from your content. 

•    Think about the length: There is no proven fact that a longer headline will attract more readers. Sometimes a “3 words-headline” works better than a “12 words-headline.” The only thing you should keep in mind that the headline points to the proper direction.  

•    Make a promise: Try to make a promise through the headline. The readers should be aroused by the fact that they can unlock some benefits by reading the main content. 

Attracting readers through a seductive headline is possible but make sure you follow the tips and keep your headline short, simple, informative and exciting. 

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