Why Marketers Struggle To Hire The Best Freelance Writers

Why Marketers Struggle to Hire the Best Freelance Writers

Marketers from all over the world are now using best freelance writers, SEO and social media expert to take their marketing campaigns to a better height with a limited budget.


By limited budget, I don’t mean that the freelancers should be paid less than the in-office employees. Freelancers save a lot of money as they are sitting at their own office and doing your work remotely without wasting any of your office space, electricity and your coffee!!


The number of work from home professional has increased significantly since last few years.



This luxury of the new work culture is not overlooked and thus we see a lot of big organizations like Airbnb, Microsoft, Apple etc. are also hiring people to work from home.


Freelancing is now a widely accepted profession and it is not only helping the individuals but also booming the economy. That is why many financial organizations are now treating freelancers equally like a full time employer and providing financial help and mortgage to gig workers


For smaller companies, freelancers are even bigger workforce. The last 5 years have seen the highest number of start-ups and most of the start-ups hire remote workers to get their work done. Even many start-ups do not have their own office as well.


The entire work process is done remotely. This is cool!! Isn’t it?


But how to make sure that organizations and marketers are hiring best freelance writers or other professionals? What are some challenges of remote collaboration?

best freelance writers


source: https://www.wrike.com/blog/the-past-present-and-future-of-remote-collaboration-where-does-your-team-stand/


From the chart, it is clearly visible that lack of direct communication is the biggest challenge in remote collaboration which followed by hindered data accessibility and lack in visibility into the action of the colleague.


There are other challenges such as lack of commitment, clear views on the project and so on.


Here is the list of some of the outsourcing services required by small businesses and marketers which can be done with smart collaboration with remote workers and by hiring the right talent for your organization.


How marketers hire freelance content writers?


HR professionals and marketers are trained to hire a new employee or a freelance content writer by judging their work experience and the list of achievements written on the CV.


They feel that the same will work with hiring a freelance writer as well. But unfortunately, looking only at the resume of the candidate is not enough.


Rather, they must find out that the candidate is capable of writing a few paragraphs on any given topic on your niche.


They also must be capable of spinning a compelling narrative. They need to find out if the candidate is capable of finding flaws in any given piece of writing.


But, unfortunately marketers are prone to hire one with previous job titles and responsibilities.


Content Writing and Content Marketing is totally different and should be done by proper individual.


The biggest mistake the marketers make while they hire freelance content experts is that they try to find someone who is expert in content writing and knows content marketing as well.


Content writing and content marketing both are very different and it is not necessary that a content writer is also a content marketer.


There are many agencies who have a separate team for writing and a dedicate team for marketing. So, why they do so? It is simple.


Content writing must be left with the people who are good with words and sentence structure and passionate about curating contents from scratch.


On the other hand, content marketing should be handled by professional who know how the digital market works, how to use the social media and how to target the right audience.


Established background vs. quality


Both of them are the very crucial factors. Besides, there are many other factors too when you try to hire the best fit for your job.


A freelancer with very high quality of work and with proven track record of satisfied clients is more likely to be an expert on that niche.


If their piece of content were able to convert the readers to leads, then they are the right fit to write the content for your organization.


So, an applicant with established background with few previous work experiences is not good enough if they are not able to convert the readers to buyers.


Marketers struggle to hire the best freelance writers. Why?

They are more reluctant to check the quality and rely more on the CV and previous background.Marketers, in the quest of saving money, hire one freelancer to do multiple work.

If freelancers are your work force then try to build a proper team with proper freelancers to do certain tasks.

Marketers go to some freelance portal, read few feedbacks and hire them. Always try to take a test before you hire. You need to make sure that the freelancer has some understanding on the project.

Marketers do not ask for recommendations from others. If someone recommends you a freelancer, it means he or she is capable of taking such projects.

Talk with the person who recommended the freelancer and try to get more feedback about the candidate. This method is the most useful one to get the best freelance writers for your project without too much of head hunting.

They do not follow the social media profiles of the freelancers. Most of the work from home professional will have their own blog or they would be active on social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook etc.


Follow them and try to get some brief idea about their capability. Freelancers are the LinkedIn power users and it is the best platform to meet and hire the best professionals.



So, do not make the mistakes that most of the marketers are doing while hiring a freelancer. Look for those below mentioned qualities before hiring.


They are genuine.


They are ready to take responsibilities.


They communicate well.


They are flexible and they adhere to deadlines.


They have basic ideas on your niche and have the dedication to learn more to take your project to a better height.


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