7 Tips To Find And Select The Best Website Content Writer For Your Project

7 tips to find and select the best website content writer for your project

Are you starting a project or planning to launch your business online? There are many things you will need to consider before you start developing your plan.
For instance, some of the key things are your target audience, the theme you will develop in your website and of course, the content itself.
The latter will be an essential part that will make your project stand out from the rest. It doesn’t matter what type of information you want to provide, you know you’ll need written content on it sooner or later.
And, for that, you will need the best website content writer.
So, what are the things you’ll need to consider before adding a content writer to your team? Don’t worry; we already covered that base.
Here we give you: 7 tips to find and select the best website content writer for your project.

Tip #1. Check some previously written content from your candidates, (or ask for a sample)

The first thing you want to make sure you have with you is someone who is capable of understanding your project and the strategy you intend to use.
For this, make sure the writer knows how to adapt his/her writing according to the persona of your business and audience. Also, find out, was their content engaging? Did it generate traffic? Did people commented and/or involved themselves with the content?

Tip #2. Make sure your content writer knows about your audience and how to write for them.

Professional content writers put things into perspective. They will not just write in the way they are most comfortable with.
They will hopefully ask you about your audience and then adapt their writing to the tone most suitable for capturing their attention.
This can be tricky sometimes, and content writers should be aware of the goals of the project, so the writing doesn’t lose its focus and meets your expectations.

Tip #3. A useful content writer is not one that writes very well, but one that can portray your website as intended.

Ideal content writers, on top of being previously informed about the content of your website, should know when to suppress their own colors in favor of the colors your website needs.
If you happen to found a website content writer that is known to stick out from the rest, you should be sure that this person can generate the content you need. Or that at least is he versatile enough to do it satisfactorily.

Tip #4. Does this person have the skills you need to be used on your website?

You will find many good writers with natural writing talent. But, it is your responsibility to find if your website needs a writer that posses a certain set of skills.
If your website demands specialized content, your writer must have the skills to cope with it. Explain what are you looking for and what are you aiming to achieve through the contents and request your writer to write a few example contents that you can evaluate.

Tip #5. Know when a working relationship is here to stay!

Sometimes you just need a one-off thing. Sometimes the content you need has to be provided long-term. And for this, you will need a content writer that is prepared to deliver consistent content in the long run. Such content writer needs to be motivated and involved.

Tip #6. Curiosity is a good thing to look for

An ideal content writer should involve himself or herself in a way that makes you notice their interest in your project. They will ask you questions, ask about your audience, the goals you set for it, and be eager to do research. Stay away from those who “just want to start the job” or only insists in “start as soon as possible”.

Tip #7. Are they the right person for the job?

Stereotypes are everywhere. You don’t need to take them into account here, but be aware that sometimes, you will just need to pick the right person for the kind of work you need. This factor involves all of the others.
Sometimes people seem to be good writers, but the content they are familiarized with doesn’t relate to what you need right now.
If you plan on short-term writing projects, it is better to hire someone who is already experienced with what you need, instead of expecting someone to adapt to your vision.

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